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About us is the sole UK and Ireland distributor for Easy Medical Devices BV. Started in the Netherlands in 2010 they are committed to innovation In the field of Medical Self Aid Devices. Easy Medical Devices strives to make the lives of busy professionals easier as time constraints become ever more present.

Compression Stockings

In the UK alone there are about 3/4 million people who fight to get their compression stockings on and off every day. It’s not an easy task and many rely on others such as their friends or private medical staff to assist them. We believed there should be a better way to do this and have developed a number of unique solutions to the problem regardless of whether you are an individual user or a care giver.

Wheelchair Accessibility

There are over 1 million wheelchair users in the UK, for whom transport is an absolute necessity.  Traditional automotive systems require complex and irreversible modifications to your vehicle and you are then tied to just that car.  We set out to solve that problem by designing a system which can be used in any car without any modification.  The only limitation is there must be space in the boot for a wheelchair. Additionally several accessories enable a wide range of uses around the house.

Our Mission

EZMD leads the way in creative and innovative medical self-aid devices that are easy to use and affordable to all. We want to hand over the power to our customers. We use the finest quality materials in all our products and manufacture all devices right in the heart of the Netherlands. Quality and reliability is our commitment to our customers. We have full control over quality control, so you don’t have to worry once you purchase one of our devices.