EZ-Compression Stocking Off


As the perfect partner to the EZ-Compression Stocking Gun®On devices, the EZ OFF allows quick and easy removal of compression stockings up to class 4 rating. Designed for both end users & professionals who find it challenging to manage the daily effort of taking off difficult to use compression aids. An ingenious piece of engineering which will make your life easier. It reduces the time taken & effort involved plus reduces the amount of friction to the leg & skin in the removal process. This helps those suffering with painful varicose veins or any other conditions which can be aggravated by friction.

Key Features

bullet-orange  Extremely easy to use
bullet-orange  Very quick & convenient
bullet-orange  Allows stocking removal with no bending or hand strength
bullet-orange  Less friction than other methods

Sterling prices are approximate, actual price for invoicing will be calculated using the Euro/Pound exchange rate at the time of the transaction.


Additional information

Weight 499 kg


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