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EC Support Stocking Gun ® Pro


The bigger brother of the EC Support Stocking Gun ® Pro is our professional device for quick and easy application of compression stockings of any class.  Primarily designed for busy professionals who have to deal with the problem of assisting multiple patients with the application of difficult compression aids, the device is also recommended for individuals who need to use Class 4 rated compression aids and above.  The device can be used up to 70 times on a single charge.  An upgraded motor and mechanism ensure the device can cope with higher volume use in the field and the extra forces required to apply higher rated stockings.

Key Features

bullet-orange  Economical use of time
bullet-orange  Quick and easy application
bullet-orange  Robust construction
bullet-orange  Very little physical strength required to use
bullet-orange  Little or no friction to the leg
bullet-orange  Easy to use and transport
bullet-orange  Suitable for all classes of compression stockings

Available in 2 sizes, Standard for up to 47cm calf circumference and Large for up to 67cm. Handles are required to self applicate. Sterling prices are approximate, actual price for invoicing will be calculated using the Euro/Pound exchange rate at the time of the transaction.

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The EC Support Stocking Gun ® Pro helps busy professionals do their job more effectively. In UK approximately 750,000 people require compression stockings. While there are several tools available to more easily apply the stockings, there are still many people who are unable to perform this task on their own. A study in the Netherlands showed that as many as 45,000 people were unable to put on their stockings without assistance.  If you scale that up for the UK the figure will be close to 150,000. This is due to the force required (particularly in the hands) and the need to bend forwards to reach the feet.

Designed to overcome these issues the EC Support Stocking Gun ® Pro was developed for healthcare professional, enabling them to effortlessly put stockings on. What once was a huge effort can now be quickly and easily achieved, freeing you up to concentrate on other aspects of care.

Another advantage of the EC Support Stocking Gun ® Pro is the very low friction, significantly lower than the traditional application methods. Pulling tight material over inflamed legs can be very distressing for the user. This device solves that problem by holding the garment away from the skin until it is in its optimum position.

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